Matt Goldman on The Search for AHA Moments

In 1988, Matt Goldman co-founded Blue Man Group, an off-Broadway production that became a sensation known for its humor, blue body paint and wild stunts. The show works on the premise that certain conditions can create “aha moments” — moments of surprise, learning and exuberance — frequent and intentional rather than random and occasional. Now Goldman is working to apply the lessons learned from Blue Man Group to education, creating Blue School, a school that balances academic mastery, creative thinking and self and social intelligence. “We need to cultivate safe and conducive conditions for new and innovative ideas to evolve and thrive,” Goldman says.

(My hope in all of my Thinking Thursday posts is that you will take a few minutes to slip away from the daily grind and let yourself engage with the ideas shared in the video. Sometimes the videos I post will open your eyes to new technology or innovation or a new insight into people. Other times the video will just help you laugh or see another side to what you’ve always believed.

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