Friday’s List | January 26

fridays-listEvery Friday I post a short list of the things I’m reading, listening to, loving and wrestling with:

Here’s what I’m reading right now:

A Practical Guide to Powerful Vision by Doug Parks on There are several key insights here.

Know Your Why by Naphtali Huff on You may have already done your work on identifying your why, but this article has some excellent ideas.

3 Quick Ways To See How Effective Your Leadership Really Is by Carey Nieuwhof. Super basic. Extremely practical.

How the Best Restaurants in the World Balance Innovation and Consistency by Daniel Ospina on What organization doesn’t have the issue of how to innovate while consistently delivering quality?

Amazon’s First Convenience Store Has Gone Viral on Futuristic new service by Amazon. Read with your eyes open.

How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge: Leveraging Influence When You Lack Authority by Clay Scroggins. This is a great read! If you lead anything, you need this!

Here’s what I’m listening to:

Todd Henry—Be the Leader Creatives Need on the EntreLeadership Podcast. This is a great interview and exposure to one of my favorite authors.

Margaret Spicer On How To Get Next Gen Onto A Senior Leader’s Agenda And Making Families A Church Wide Mission on the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast. If you’re involved in ministry…you’re having this conversation.

How To Lead When You’re Not In Charge, Part 1 featuring Clay Scroggins on the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast. Trying to figure out things like how to lead up? Here’s a great start.

Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson Love Isaacson’s storytelling. Glad I picked it up (on Audible).

All the Earth by The Belonging Co. So good! Wait until you hear Peace Be Still.

Quotes I’m wrestling with:

“Show me a great company and I’ll show you one that has radically changed itself and is looking forward to the opportunity to do so again” Larry Bossidy

My own posts I hope you’re reading:

10 Rules to Connect More People in 2018

Follow these rules and you will connect more people in 2018: