Friday’s List | February 9

fridays-listEvery Friday I post a short list of the things I’m reading, listening to, loving and wrestling with:

Here’s what I’m reading right now:

6 Brainstorming Tips to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing by Young Entrepreneur Council on Bookmark it!

These 10 Peter Drucker Quotes May Change Your World by Jeff Shore on So good!

7 Ways To Build Teams Of Great Leaders (When You Feel Like Your Team Is Lacking) by Carey Nieuwhof. If you’re on the hunt for more leaders, don’t miss this one.

50 Limiting Beliefs That Hold Senior Pastors Back by Brian Jones on Senior Pastor Central. Great list! And they apply whether you lead a team or an organization.

Y Combinator Is Launching A “Grad School” For Booming Startups by Harry McCracken on If you are a synthesizing thinker, you read this article to think about increasing your multiplication factor.

Hero Maker: Five Essential Practices for Leaders to Multiply Leaders by Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird. This is a really important read! Releases in March, but you can preorder for $10.99!

Here’s what I’m listening to:

WHY CUSTOMER LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED on the Masters of Scale podcast. This is a great conversation and has quite a few powerful insights into innovation.

Lessons from 50,000 Interviews: Larry King and Cal Fussman on the Tim Ferriss podcast. This is a great conversation. Fascinating look into the life of an amazing communicator.

Motivating Your Team by Craig Groeschel on the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast. I listened to this one twice!

Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson Love Isaacson’s storytelling. Glad I picked it up (on Audible).

Quotes I’m wrestling with:

“Results are gained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems.” Peter Drucker

My own posts I hope you’re reading:

7 Signs Your Small Group Ministry Has a Bad Design

If it’s true that “your ministry is perfectly designed to produce the results you are currently experiencing (Andy Stanley),” the corollary is that if you don’t like the results you are currently experiencing, you need to acknowledge that you have a bad design and change it.  After all, the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (Albert Einstein).”

Let me say that again.  If you don’t like the results you are currently experiencing, you need to acknowledge that you have a bad design and change it.

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