Bill Taylor on Transforming Your Company and Challenging Yourself

Bill Taylor on Transforming Your Company and Challenging Yourself

The work of making deep-seated, meaningful change has become the defining challenge of our time. Bill will offer a set of ideas and a collection of case studies, drawn from game-changing organizations in many different fields, about competition and the power of new ideas, customers and the value of enduring connections, creativity and the logic of grassroots innovations. CIOs who have a real impact and make a big difference define their roles as more than technology leaders—they are change leaders who deploy technology and deliver projects that reshape the sense of what’s possible in their industry and their company.

Note: This video is just over an hour in length. Much longer than my normal post. Do yourself a huge favor and just start the video. You will be captivated if you just get started.

(My hope in all of my Thinking Thursday posts is that you will take a few minutes to slip away from the daily grind and let yourself engage with the ideas shared in the video. Sometimes the videos I post will open your eyes to new technology or innovation or a new insight into people. Other times the video will just help you laugh or see another side to what you’ve always believed.

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